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Feeling a little beat up

Are you feeling a little beat up or sad lately? Just remember it’s only temporary. Big things are coming your way. Everyday changes.

Feeling a little beat up or sad?

The most amazing transformation is in the future.

Remember every day we change and so does everything else !!!

From the day we are born our futures start to form. Where we go from here is all set by our environment.

Our society today is a hostile environment which will lead to a different experience for each and every person. For every 24 hours there will have been change. The change will continue whether it is good or bad. We will all have change. So hang in there, you’ll be ok.

Our physical looks will change dramatically. We are all born cute and cuddly this will change.

Adolescent teen years will be rough. Not going to lie. You might be shy or out going. You might into sports or science. You will get pimples. It’s a fact of being a teenager. That will all change.

It won’t matter if you are a popular person or not, things are going to happen and not all will be good. Not all will be bad. It’s not easy growing up. Things change as does the day.

Sometimes teenagers are cruel and bad mannered. Don’t let it bother you, things change.

They are here for you. Call 24/7 to talk to someone

Social media is not kind to anyone. Stay away from it as much as possible. Hang out with your friends and talk. Do things outside and experience nature.

Don’t think the world is crumbling. It will feel like it. Remember tomorrow is a new day and brings change.

By the time you are 18 years old you and the world would have changed 6,570 times. I will assure you that equals 365 times in one year things will change. All before you are 18 years old.

If you are feeling down talk to someone. Reach out, but be careful. Always try and talk to your parents. They really do love you the most. If not a close trusted friend you’ve known to be there for you.

Your school counselors might be able to help. If not there are other places you can get help or just talk.

National Safe Space this link is a hotline for High School/Young Adult: 14 to 24 years, Middle School: 11 to 13 years, Youth – All Ages

Youth Engaged 4 Change has many different subjects to choose from. Great source of information.

If you are thinking about harming yourself or suicide please stop and contact someone. It will change for you. You are worth just as much as everyone else. Please believe things can and will change. Just reach out and talk. DIAL 988

Call or Text

Believe in yourself and yourself worth. Don’t ever let anyone make you feel less.

So remember it gets better after the storm.