FEDEX is KING and Brown is Down.

Proof is in the pictures.

FEDEX package neatly wrapped in plastic bag and sat nicely on the inside of my gate.

FEDEX wins hands down. Every delivery is perfect.

FEDEX delivery. Thank you because it looks like rain.
FEDEX box in PERFECT condition. Not a scratch on the box and it’s the holidays. Look how FEDEX employees care.
UPS is terrible. Boxes come ripped and no plastic bag. This is one of the 2 mattresses that were delivered same condition.
All ripped up and taped and retapped. UPS sucks. Every delivery I get from them the box is ripped up.
The whole side is ripped open and it’s been raining and not even a plastic bag on it. It’s a mattress inside that I paid $150.00 for shipping. It wasn’t that heavy. I picked it up and moved it. Never honked for me to come out nothing.

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